Hannah Stewart

Hannah Stewart

Hannahs doctoral research within the Creative Exchange focuses on the promise and values of Open data, the Indieweb and the Maker Movement. Establishing through live research projects and literature how the rhetorics and imaginaries of each are embedded in practice.


Hannah’s background is within the creative and cultural industries, where she has a profile both as a maker and as a business director, having founded Freerange - a small company providing workspace, services, networking and R&D for rural creative and digital companies.

As an artist, Hannah has exhibited internationally, completing public sector and private commissions and pursuing her own investigative practice, often dabbling with alchemical and analogue methods such as salt preservation and taxidermy, these experiments can take the form of installations or set pieces, often incorporating humour and changing the viewers relationship to the space around them.


Trained in both traditional crafts and machine programming, this span of interests and corporate empathy informs her artistic, research and business practice.

Prior to founding Freerange, Hannah worked as a project officer for FRED - a annual festival of site specific art and undertook regular residencies. She has studied fine art, advanced research, leading sustainable communities and project management.


Hannah is a trustee of Tullie House Museum and Gallery Trust and trading company, Director of Freerange Industries and is based in North Cumbria with her partner and children.

Blockanomics in UN report on Children’s Rights in the Digital Age

15th Oct 2014
Blockanomics has featured in UN report - Children’s Rights in the Digital Age, as one of the highlighted 'Digital Champions'. The report was commissioned UNICEF In observance of the 25th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Blockanomics is thrilled to be highlighted as one of the 12 Digital...

Introducing Blockanomics

20th Aug 2014
Introducing Blockanomics, a video walkthough with Adam Clarke (When it was still referred to as Political Minecraft) a 3 minute video walk through.

Numbers that Matter Hackathon - the movie

18th May 2014
The hackathon was an intense experience and had a very distinct flavour and emphasis, in this film Maria manages to pull all that together - enjoy! Over the weekend of the hackathon, we booked the services of Maria Gabriella Ruban a Manchester based filmmaker who specialises in artist and exhibition video.   Maria...

Numbers that Matter Hackathon - a rapid summary

16th Apr 2014
Phew! We had a great time running and making within the Numbers That Matter Hackathon!   First, a huge thank-you to everyone who came and made for a great weekend, from the team at MSP to Phil the Pizza Guy, the NTM cx team and Maria the documentarian, not to forget Bob...

Research, wearables and data

8th Apr 2014
As opposed to some of our more commercially minded projects, Numbers that Matter was rooted firmly outside the corperate world. Our core partners and associates were founding members of Madlab - Manchesters Community Workshop and the team ethos was more open source rather than patent nazi. Numbers that Matter was born...

Intellectual Property and Hackathons

7th Apr 2014
In recent years Hackathons have gone from being a leading edge playful gathering of like minded people, to the innovation think tank of choice for some large corperations. How do we as academics remain alert to this complex landscape, and avoid the seemingly exploitative traits of corperate Hackathons worst offenders? We...

Finding what matters to communities - Our experience

3rd Mar 2014
To gather insights on what matters to communities and individuals, we identified a few roles that we saw as ‘community nodes’, people who we thought would be privy to confidences and conversation about issues in their neighbourhood, who would have a sense of civic wellbeing or illbeing. To gather insights on...


28th Feb 2014
What happens when we bring together open data, smart devices, and wearable technology? We can visualise Numbers That Matter! Whether a death clock, a crime belt, or Sony patented Smart Wig, this hackathon looks at ways this technology can empower people and lead to improved wellbeing, for both individuals and...

Research outputs for Numbers that Matter

21st Sep 2013
Research outputs for Numbers that Matter - Activity book on working with people and data, papers and resources for replicating the process. Research outputs for Numbers that Matter - Activity book on working with people and data, papers and resources for replicating the process.

Popcorn Europeana at FutureEverything

22nd Mar 2013
As a fringe event at FutureEverything, CX PhDs and Bill Thompson hosted the Europeana Popcorn Mashup Open archives such as Europeana are revolutionizing the way we interact with media and culture; online tools such as Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker make it easy to enhance, remix and share web video. We now have...

Kicking off Alpha Procurement

19th Feb 2013
With a few detours into Latin, love procurement tattoos, Procurement - the board game and adopt-a-commissioner, Mondays meeting gave us the opportunity to discuss what was achievable and impactful.  On Monday, the cluster of companies and academics working on Alpha Procurement met for our 'Kick off' meeting. As the first Lancaster...

Participation in the digital public space

19th Dec 2012
Designing inclusive interfaces and social rituals in the hybrid public realm In participating or choosing not to participate in something we recognise that there is a society and a culture, a structure and hierarchy of relationship that we opt into, or opt out of. Within my application for CX, I said that...