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The Physical Playlist

The Physical Playlist

A physical-digital object which people would share with significant others and friends.

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CX PhD Student
CX PhD Student

‘Mix tapes’ were a thing of love, a physical object which people would share with significant others and friends around them. They were naturally a social object and highly representative of a person’s identity. The knowledge of effort involved by the giver in selecting the songs and having to sit through each one was also part of the symbolism for the receiver.  Objects can be generated and shaped from and by the media you “teach” them or existing objects you play (embed) media into. Thus the modern mix tape could become a linked series of small objects like lucky charms which are physically shareable in a form representing the tracks they contain.
This is based on the idea that physical items often mean more to us as physical beings and adds a level of exclusivity and personalisation to the sharing process. Considering transplatform engagement and the ability to engage users and viewers in co-creating media it is suggested that this may present as a new modality for user co-creation and curation.

Latest Project Activity

Physical Playlist featured by Reuters

12th Oct 2016
A film of the finished project prototype has been featured by the Reuters news agency The film, describing the project as a '21st century ‘take’ on the musical compilation ‘mix’ tape' was syndicated to 140 news channels and 60 websites worldwide.

Introducing the Physical Playlist prototype

24th Nov 2014
The first prototype of the Physical Playlist is now complete. Watch a video explanation here:  

PrimeConf: Best of British

29th Jun 2014
Creative Exchange were proud to be exhibiting last week at the inaugural PrimeConf ‘Best of British’ conference, a celebration of the best of British digital technology talent. We supported this event as a sponsor because we felt that the event was very closely aligned with the aims of the Creative Exchange...

Slow digital

2nd Apr 2014
The Physical Playlist project challenges the instant gratification of instant downloads by applying elements of time. The shared mix tape had an emotional and physical connection that digital shared content often lacks. Writeable CDs came to late or too close to the rise of the mp3 to become a shareable treasured...